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When stakes are high and response times short, GroupAlarm provides you an edge in recovering from emergencies and preventing harm by channeling critical communication.

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With GroupAlarm, precise and organization-wide alerting is a single button press away. Our smart alerting solution considers your specific requirements:

  • Emergency scenarios
  • Personnel roles and skills
  • Alerting devices and communication channels
  • Response force unit composition
  • Current personnel availability
  • Shifts and Schedules

Don’t waste valuable time considering who to contact how. Use GroupAlarm and focus on actual crisis management.

GroupAlarm Screenshot
GroupAlarm Screenshot


Alert Feedback provides you with essential certainty on whom you reached:

  • Alert acknowledgement
  • Success rate for critical roles and positions
  • Estimated arrival times
  • Automatic feedback-based alert escalation protocols

Valuable confidence in successful deliveries of critical communications.

Availability Monitoring

With GroupAlarm, your employees and emergency personnel can provide you with up-to-date information about their current availability:

  • Based on day, Time and Schedule
  • Based on current location (i.e. on-site or at home or not).
  • Based manual override

Complete Insight into the readiness of your organization

GroupAlarm Screenshot
GroupAlarm Screenshot


Solid data is key to managing any emergency. GroupAlarm provides you with just that — before, during and after the incident.

  • Freely customisable displays
  • Detailed alert feedback protocols
  • Complete access- and event logging

Secure. Flexible. GroupAlarm.


  • 99,9% uptime
  • independent of local infrastructure
  • Remote alert triggering
  • Multiple alert channels
  • Sophisticated permission management


  • Powerful API
  • Integrates with 3rd party hardware
  • Integrates with 3rd party software
  • Trigger alerts by any means
  • Crosslink large organizations


  • One price for all functions
  • Unlimited trial access
  • Free premium support
  • 30-day notice
  • No setup fee

Who is GroupAlarm for

Your people will handle every situation circumstances throw at them. GroupAlarm establishes critical communication, connecting you with general and specialized personnel so that effective crisis management can happen.

GroupAlarm is for beginners

If your organization is taking it’s first steps in crisis management, GroupAlarm is your ideal starting point. By asking simple questions such as “Who do I need to contact how and why”, you can begin sketching out your processes step by step and implementing them in GroupAlarm.

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GroupAlarm is for professionals

Is your organization part of the rescues forces, and emergencies are your daily business? Do you operate critical infrastructure and sit on binders full of emergency protocols? In both cases, we got you covered. It is extremely likely that we are able to integrate your specific process and requirements into GroupAlarm without compromising.

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GroupAlarm is for organizations large and small

With GroupAlarm, you can integrate and reach out to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of employees.

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This is what our customers say

Discover in which sectors and fields of application GroupAlarm is successfully used (only DE).

Premium quality

Two decades of experience

With it roots in Germany's public rescue forces, GroupAlarm grew under rigorous requirements and high-stakes applications. When it comes to alerting people, we are proud to claim that we know what we are doing.

Our blue light solution

Security and Data Protection

We take security, data protection and resilience seriously. We are certified to ISO/IEC 27001, and independent auditors confirm compliance with the criteria of the C5 catalogue and the criteria of SOC II.

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Fair and simple

Getting into GroupAlarm is easy and quick. There are no setup fees, nor is our demo gated behind upfront payment mandatory sales consulting. Just sign up and go. If you are happy, you can pay as you go on a monthly basis while getting access to the full functionality of GroupAlarm.

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