GroupAlarm Changelog

All changes to GroupAlarm.

  1. Thomas Düren | Software Engineer

    Easier CSV import iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    It is now possible to update participant data via CSV. Previously, it was only possible to delete or update the data individually.

  2. Marvin Menzerath | Software Engineer

    JSON Parser output as list iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    The JSON parser in our Flows can now output lists instead of only single values.

  3. Marvin Menzerath | Software Engineer

    Better redelivery of alarms to FRED pagers iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    We have shortened the time in which a pager signals an open alarm after a new login. Open alarms are now checked and delivered immediately after logging into the system.

  4. Thomas Düren | Software Engineer

    Data retention in Groupalarm iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    Old events and alarms can now be completely removed from GroupAlarm.

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  5. Fabian Lanzerath | Software Engineer

    Automated email notifications iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    With this update, we are introducing a new beta feature: The automated email notifications.

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  6. Thomas Düren | Software Engineer

    New role for assigning Labels iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    We have introduced a new role that only authorises the assignment of labels to participants.

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  7. Yannick Gasper | Software Engineer

    Tag assignment to scenarios iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    Simplify tag assignment to scenarios

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  8. Yannick Gasper | Software Engineer

    Update the pager name on assignment iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    If the pager is assigned to a participant, the participant name on the pager is now updated immediately. Previously, there was a waiting time of up to several hours.

  9. Jason Songhurst | Software Engineer

    Deletion of inactive organisations iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    From now on, we will automatically delete inactive organisations after three months.

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  10. Jason Songhurst | Software Engineer

    WDX3 interface iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    GroupAlarm now supports the WDX-3 interface for connecting the ELS Cobra (ISE).

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  11. Fabian Lanzerath | Software Engineer

    Gong and announcement function for monitors iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    This update adds a chime and read aloud feature to the monitor.

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  12. Marvin Menzerath | Software Engineer

    GroupAlarm is now available in French iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    GroupAlarm and the apps are now also available in French.

  13. Fabian Lanzerath | Software Engineer

    Dynamic layers for the monitor iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    With this update, the monitor gets new layers, overlays and the option to display points of interest.

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  14. Marvin Menzerath | Software Engineer

    Automatic adjustment of quotas iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    Immediately upon requesting an increased quota, 1000 executions are added so that (e.g. the flow) works again immediately.

  15. Fabian Lanzerath | Software Engineer

    Updating the DWD map layers iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    With this update, we update the existing DWD map layers and extend the layer selection with the addition of Weather warnings for inland lakes, Pollen hazard index, Lightning short-term forecast and Lightning density.

  16. Marvin Menzerath | Software Engineer

    Trigger alarm via the apps iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    Previously, organisations with inherited permissions were not available in the apps to trigger an alarm. This has been corrected so that all organisations authorised for alarm creation can now be selected.

  17. Marvin Menzerath | Software Engineer

    Enhancement of the alarm report iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    With this update, we are improving the information in the alarm report.

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  18. Hanno Heeskens | CEO

    Extended validity for app pushes iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    The validity period of push notifications has been extended to 10 minutes. This means that alerts can be sent for longer in the event of short-term signal loss on mobile phones.

  19. Jason Songhurst | Software Engineer

    Specification of the externalEventID iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    With this update we correct the behaviour of the externalEventID.

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  20. Yannick Gasper | Software Engineer

    New "Status change" flow trigger iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    A new flow trigger "Status change", which reacts to status changes of units, has been added.

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  21. Jason Songhurst | Software Engineer

    Adjustment of the manpower report on the alarm display iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    On the alarm display, the labels in the "Manpower report" panel are now displayed proportionally to the selected font size.

  22. Yannick Gasper | Software Engineer

    Support of different coordinate formats iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    Other formats are now supported in addition to the GPS coordinate format.

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  23. Yannick Gasper | Software Engineer

    Participant list now displays device deactivation by the organization. iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    In the participant list, it is now directly visible on which devices an alarm will be sent to a participant.

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  24. Fabian Lanzerath | Software Engineer

    Shift groups now support synchronization with labels. iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    To make it easier to manage the participants in the shift schedules, the shift groups now also support synchronization with labels.

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  25. Marvin Menzerath | Software Engineer

    Configure FRED Pagers iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    Administrators can now configure the settings of the FRED pagers directly in GroupAlarm.

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  26. Yannick Gasper | Software Engineer

    General availability via FRED pager iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    Set the general availability of a participant via the FRED pager.

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  27. Yannick Gasper | Software Engineer

    Pager Searching and Sorting iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    The pager table supports searching and sorting by specific columns.

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  28. Yannick Gasper | Software Engineer

    PGP decryption in the flow iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    The Flow gets a component to decrypt pgp-encrypted text.

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  29. Jason Songhurst | Software Engineer

    Pager deadman and emergency call functions as Flow-Triggers iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    A flow is triggered when a deadman or emergency alarm is dispatched from a pager.

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  30. Jason Songhurst | Software Engineer

    Labels can be paused by the participant iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    Participants can now select or deselect accordingly configured labels in their profile.

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  31. Hanno Heeskens | CEO

    SMS message: event and alarm text in 160 characters iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    A new option in the organization settings now allows to shorten the SMS text including event name to 160 characters. Previously, this option was only available for sending the alarm text.

  32. Jason Songhurst | Software Engineer

    Participants can view their label assignments iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    Each participant can now see in their personal profile which labels have been assigned to them in which organization.

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  33. Jason Songhurst | Software Engineer

    Monitors with authentication iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    From now on, displays can be activated and better managed with a password.

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  34. Fabian Lanzerath | Software Engineer

    Organizations can enforce 2FA iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    Organizations can now enforce two-factor authentication for new participants.

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  35. Jason Songhurst | Software Engineer

    Closing date for appointments iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    For one-off appointments, you can optionally set a feedback deadline. Once the date has been reached, appointment invitations can no longer be changed.

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  36. Hanno Heeskens | CEO

    Start of the English changelog iOS Android FRED Pager Web

    Until now, the changelog was only available in German - from now on it will also be available in English.

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