Alerting in Finance

Stay Ahead of the Game: Real-Time Alerting is Essential for Success in the Financial Industry

Your finance operation has high security standards for business procedures as well as maintenance and logistics. GroupAlarm unites all your security sensitive areas into one coherent alerting solution, increasing the likelihood of preventing damage in any emergency or incident.

  • Banks and share trader
  • Finance agencies
  • Cash transporters
  • Insurance companies
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Emergency response teams alerting

Dedicated response teams for medical, press, or legal concerns as well as maintenance or engineering are rapidly activated with GroupAlarm. Incident managers benefit from extensive insights over whom they reached and the available forces.

System integration

Your automated sensor solutions such as fire alerts, spill detection or machine monitoring can be directly integrated into GroupAlarm so that the corresponding response teams are immediately alerted when an incident occurs.

IT alerting

GroupAlarm can be connected to your existing monitoring solutions. Integrate your IT alerting into your overall crisis management and replace standalone IT alerting solutions with GroupAlarm.

Record keeping

GroupAlarm maintains records of all alerts and incidents, making it easier to track the response and evaluate its effectiveness, as well as provide documentation for legal purposes.

GroupAlarm - reliable alerting.

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