Alerting in Finance

Always one step ahead: Real-Time Alerting Essential for Success in the Financial Industry

Your finance operation has high security standards for business procedures including maintenance and logistics. GroupAlarm unites all your security sensitive areas into one alerting solution, increasing the likelihood of preventing damage in any emergency or incident.

  • Banks and share trader
  • Finance agencies
  • Cash transporters
  • Insurance companies
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Emergency response teams alerting

A cyberattack of your IT, an armed customer or a wildfire can jeopardize your entire business continuity. Inform your emergency team efficiently with GroupAlarm to keep your business running continuously.

IT alerting

Attacks on IT systems not only threaten the financial industry in terms of competitiveness, but can also diminish customer confidence. Increase your security with GroupAlarm as part of your IT security strategy and ensure rapid IT alerting in the event of an IT incident.

Panic Button

Especially in banks, silent alerting is one of the important elements of the security system. In the event of assaults, an unobtrusive alarm via FLIC button/alarm button/emergency button integrated in GroupAlarm can protect employees with regular customer contact and contribute to de-escalation in threatening situations.

GroupAlarm - reliable alerting.

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Premium quality

Two decades of experience

With it roots in Germany's public rescue forces, GroupAlarm grew under rigorous requirements and high-stakes applications. When it comes to alerting people, we are proud to claim that we know what we are doing.

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Security and Data Protection

We take security, data protection and resilience seriously. We are certified to ISO/IEC 27001, and independent auditors confirm compliance with the criteria of the C5 catalogue and the criteria of SOC II.

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Fair and simple

Getting into GroupAlarm is easy and quick. There are no setup fees, nor is our demo gated behind upfront payment mandatory sales consulting. Just sign up and go. If you are happy, you can pay as you go on a monthly basis while getting access to the full functionality of GroupAlarm.

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