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Connect various hardware with GroupAlarm


Meshtastic® is a licence-free messaging system that allows you to use low-cost terminals to communicate over long distances using the long-range radio technology LoRa-P2P. The system consists of transmitting and receiving units and is independent of existing networks. It enables simple text communication in group or individual calls, transmission of telemetry values (e.g. temperature, position, water levels, …) and the location of end devices. We connect Meshtastic® to GroupAlarm, e.g. to transmit vehicle status or to send emergency calls. But also the transmission of destinations or automated situation reports are possible.

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Raspberry pi

The Raspberry pi is a simple, reliable and inexpensive single-board computer. It can take on various tasks, in GroupAlarm we use it primarily to display the alarm monitors. With the HDMI connection it can be connected directly to the TV. You can find the necessary SD card image in our blog.

Blog-article "Einsatzmonitor"

FLIC Buttons

The FLIC buttons allow very easy integration into GroupAlarm. Simply call up a flow URL when pressing the button - this works with the individual buttons via mobile phone as well as with the FLIC Hub, which can manage several buttons in the network.

More about FLIC

iOS shortcuts

Quickly perform individual actions

Unit status

The shortcuts reads out the units from your organisation, you select the entries to be changed and then set the status 0-9. Afterwards, you can still transmit the current position of the selected units. If you use the shortcuts, you only have to adapt the organisation ID and API token. Of course, you can also customise it and use it only for a specific unit, for example.

Download shortcut from iCloud