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Alert securely, quickly and redundantly with the highly available GroupAlarm alerting platform and the LTE Cat M1 pager F.R.E.D. - without POCSAG & TETRA!

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What is wrong with mobile phone app alerting?

Well, not much! Our GroupAlarm App is a fast, inexpensive and reliable way of alerting your personnel. Combined with backup alert channels such as SMS or call, successful alert delivery is exceedingly secure. However, every system is only as strong as its weakest link – in that case, the smartphone itself. When it comes to smartphones, there are a couple of factors beyond your control as an administrator:

  • Cell reception can be spotty at times
  • Phone manufacturers operating system updates can be erratic / unpredictable
  • Dependency on mobile phone contract
  • Smartphones can run out of battery during a regular day

For these reasons, we collaborate with to deliver an alerting solution for the most demanding and sensitive applications.

FRED pager with GroupAlarm

The FRED pager with GroupAlarm is your own, completely redundantly connected receiving device. The pager works in every available LTE CAT M1 network and can receive alarms up to 960 characters. You always have an overview of the status of each individual pager. All configurations are made in GroupAlarm, the pager no longer requires a programming station. The setup and installation of 50 pagers can be completed in 3-4 hours without any previous knowledge, and you can integrate the system directly into your processes.

Advantages of the FRED pager


Stay connected where other radio networks end: in underground areas, outside your own company/radio network or across international borders.


Reliability and redundancy through the use of all available network providers in national and international roaming.


Full 2-way alerting, technical and tactical feedback.


Control of individual availability, just like our GroupAlarm mobile phone app.


Completely secured IP connections within an enclosed network.


Alarm is sent repeatedly if the pager is in a short radio dead zone or is switched off for a short time.


Long service life of the device due to extremely robust housing (dust and splash-proof)


Operating costs for five years are already included in the purchase price.

Advantages in combination with GroupAlarm

Device control

Display of all important parameters of each individual pager (battery status, software, firmware, etc.)

Extra security

Redundant connection of the pagers via direct connections from GroupAlarm to the high-availability IoT infrastructure of Deutsche Telekom and DataMobile.


Full pager management (e.g. updates, user configuration) within GroupAlarm.


Extremely short triggering time due to permanent data connection (approx. 3-5 seconds after alarm triggering, even with many alert recipients).


Complete end-to-end encryption of the message via secured IP connections within an enclosed network.


Alarm is sent repeatedly if the pager is in a short radio dead zone or is switched off for a short time.

Proven in critical applications

With more than 2000 ERIC pagers (predecessor model from Unitronic), the district of Emsland has been ensuring that its fire and rescue services are reliably alerted since September 2018. Here, GroupAlarm is linked to the CELIOS® operations control system from CKS Systeme and achieves a delivery rate of over 98% within 30 seconds of the alarm.

Expect more from your alerting

Extremely high availability

Guaranteed availability (> 99.9 %) is indispensable, especially for alerting. Our technology runs redundantly in several availability zones and is also continuously available to you during updates.

Security & Data Protection

With GroupAlarm, you get a GDPR-compliant provider that operates its servers exclusively in certified data centers within Germany and works with reliable partners. Certified according to ISO 27001 / SOC II.

Transparent price model

Forget about offers with confusing conditions and endless price scales! With GroupAlarm there are clear contract terms and fair prices. All features are already included in the basic fee.

GroupAlarm - reliable alerting.

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