Mobile Phone App Alerting

Leverage the availability of mobile phones to implement a comprehensive alerting channel into your organization.

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Your new alarm app

The GroupAlarm app is the fast and reliable way of alerting your staff.

Get ahold of personnel quickly and reliably by having the GroupAlarm App for Android and iOS installed on their phones. Your alert will be distinct, appearing on the lock screen, while overriding notification and volume settings.

  • Alerting for iOS and Android devices
  • Always loud
  • Always on lock screen

GroupAlarm Screenshot
GroupAlarm Screenshot

Two-Way Crisis Communication

Stay in touch with your personnel during critical events

Alerting via GroupAlarm App allows your personnel to relay acknowledgement and qualified feedback. This way, you’ll know whom you reached, on what kind of support you can certainly count and whether you need to escalate alerting.

  • Positive and negative alert feedback
  • Estimated on-site arrival time
  • Augment communication with built-in messenger

Ready when you want to

Exert comprehensive control over your availability.

Your personnel can adjust their availability within the GroupAlarm App so that their phone doesn’t go off when they don’t want it to. Availability can even be triggered by Geofencing (i.e. when being on site). As an administrator, you can track how many people can be alerted.

  • Easy control of availability
  • Availability by Geofencing
  • Transparency over available personnel

GroupAlarm Screenshot

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Your new all-inclusive alerting

GroupAlarm is much more than just alerting. Meaningful functions and extensions ensure more efficiency in every situation - for everyday life and emergencies. These extensions are already included in the price - this brings you planning security and price stability regardless of your usage. Because we already know from many satisfied customers: The individual use of GroupAlarm functions can change in a flash depending on the situation! Exactly then you should not have to worry about additional costs or conclude additional contracts, but simply be able to continue working seamlessly.


Define your own workflows, integrate GroupAlarm into your processes and create interfaces to other third-party systems.


The GDPR-compliant messenger connects as WhatsApp alternative quickly and easily the participants of your organization.


Manage appointments and invitations for trainings, seminars, courses or workshops and invite your staff.

Availability scheduling

Keep an overview at all times of the availability of your forces and their qualifications.

Action instructions

Digitize checklists, manual flowcharts, and complex instructions for documented processing.


Create a functional hotline in just a few minutes with variable variable answering stations - of course under your area code.


The FRED pager is your self-sufficient, redundantly connected receiving device. It uses all mobile networks available in LTE CatM1.

Shift plans

Plan your staff according to shift plans. Only those who are available in the current shift are alerted.


Document events and measures in an audit-proof and structured manner in the operations diary or watch book.

Expect more from your alerting

Extremely high availability

Guaranteed availability (> 99.9 %) is indispensable, especially for alerting. Our technology runs redundantly in several availability zones and is also continuously available to you during updates.

Security & Data Protection

With GroupAlarm, you get a GDPR-compliant provider that operates its servers exclusively in certified data centers within Germany and works with reliable partners. Certified according to ISO 27001 / SOC II.

Transparent price model

Forget about offers with confusing conditions and endless price scales! With GroupAlarm there are clear contract terms and fair prices. All features are already included in the basic fee.

In good company

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Interfaces for your need

Control center connection

GroupAlarm provides direct interfaces or templates to be triggered by leading incident command systems. These include ISE Cobra, CKS Celios, VivaSecure DALLES, EDP, Lunasoft ELS. Programs like BOSmon, TetraControl or FMS32 are also supported.

Flexible trigger

GroupAlarm integrates any system via e-mail forwarding, IMAP mailbox or web call. Processing of attached structured data is possible (e.g. XML, JSON). Even easier is triggering via SMS or phone call.

Data exchange API

The comprehensive REST interface allows data exchange in both directions. Thus, not only all actions can be executed, but also data can be taken over from GroupAlarm, e.g. to send alarm data to RescueTablet or FireBoard.

Stay ahead of the situation with GroupAlarm!

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