Sustainability is a matter of heart

Because it is an important topic and affects us all.

We are aware of our responsibility and as a sustainable company we want to actively contribute to a more ecological way of working. This is what we do:

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PDF instead of paper

With the complete conversion of our flyers from paper to PDF, we not only have more space in our cupboards, but also save the printing of about 5000 flyers per year. And that’s more than 310 m2 of paper!

Zero waste exhibition stand

Or almost zero waste. For us, this means in particular avoiding waste and conserving resources. That’s why we have been using reusable exhibition stands that last longer than one season for years.

Remote work

This is not only convenient, but also environmentally friendly. Since working remotely, we hardly ever have to go to the office. With 25 employees and 230 working days, we save around 234,000 km and 27 tons of CO₂ every year.

Green hosting

Our hosting, which is realised through the Google Cloud, is also sustainable, because Google is a pioneer in renewable energies. By 2030, the company wants to supply all data centres with non-stop CO₂-free electricity.

Laptop instead of desktop computers

While large desktop computers can be power eaters, new laptops use much less energy. That’s why we use, among other things, energy-efficient, recyclable and toxin-free MacBooks that are replaced regularly.

Domestic flights - no, thanks!

Even though we travel a lot for trade fairs and other business trips, we reject domestic flights on principle. After all, there is hardly anything more environmentally damaging than flying by plane. So far, we have managed to get everywhere without it.